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Chemical Storage Guide

Selecting The Ideal Chemical Storage Cabinet

If you operate a business that requires handling or storing inflammable chemicals, you certainly understand the harm that may arise from chemical leakage. In fact, a high percentage of industrial fires are caused by poor handling or inappropriate storage of inflammable chemicals. Thankfully, you can find quality storage cabinet for inflammable chemicals to ensure your industry is safe.


Selecting best storage cabinet


It is important to pick the right storage cabinet for the specific type of chemical you want to store. Since cabinets come in varying designs, you should evaluate your needs and choose the one that meets your chemical storage needs. Apart from the design, you should determine the right cabinet size and make depending on the kind of chemical you want to store. Even though steel cabinets are the most preferred, they may be damaged by corrosive chemicals. Steel chemical storage cabinets are ideal for inflammable chemicals while the polyethylene cabinets are suitable for storage of reactive chemicals.


The size of the cabinet is also crucial. If you wish to store a few chemicals, a small cabinet may be sufficient. If your firm depends largely on different chemicals, then it is prudent to pick the big cabinet. Instead of keeping all your chemicals in one cabinet, storing them in different cabinets may be reasonable. To learn more about chemical storage, visit


Types of chemical storage cabinets available


The nature of common chemicals you use helps you choose a storage cabinet. While basic inflammable liquids and less corrosive chemicals require a simple cabinet, you should order the approved safety cabinet for very inflammable and corrosive chemicals. The common designs of chemical cabinets include tower design, wall-mount design, stackable model, counter design, and regular floor model. For less corrosive and moderately reactive chemicals like ink, paints, organic acids, and common household chemicals, the metal cabinets are the best. However, if you are storing a lot of flammable powder of liquids, poly cabinets are an excellent choice, see flammable storage cabinet here!


Key chemical storage features


You should make sure most cabinet features are adjustable to your needs. Mostly, chemical containers vary significantly and a cabinet with adjustable shelves reduce the need to buy a new one every time you order chemicals in large or smaller containers. More importantly, the cabinet should have a resistant coating to prevent fire or corrosion. Besides, it should have a huge sump capacity for maximum protection against leaking. Finally, you should ensure the cabinet is approved by the relevant regulatory bodies, see chemical storage buildings here!